Trade Instruments

Documentary credits through Trade Finance Services have worldwide acceptability and can be issued via TELEX or SWIFT. Anyone can arrange a letter of credit with us for a fee. Your credit rating or standing with the bank or lender has no effect. They don't tie up your cash and we don't underwrite your company's financials.

Through our services, you can:

​Increase your trade facility with your suppliers

  • ​Increase your trade facility with your suppliers

  • Find new suppliers with less of a risk

  • Eliminate your risks of tying your cash flow

For existing trade importers, they allow you to work on much larger deals provided they can fit into our structure. They are also the perfect product if you are acting as the middleman to a transaction.

Our services include:

Commercial Letters of Credit

  • Commercial Letters of Credit

  • Confirmed Letter of Credit

  • Standby Letter of Credit payment guarantee, payment bond and SBLC. Used for payment obligations from one to another.

  • Revolving Letters of Credit

  • Back to Back Letter of Credit letter of credit issued by reliance on an incoming letter of credit. Hide the identity of your supplier or manufacturer.

  • Bid Bonds (Tender Guarantee) with today's fast growing market industry, our services as a financial institution can offer securities when business is done across country borders. We can provide tender guarantees to bid on a construction project or a confirmed letter of credit to buy goods or many different types of commercial letters of credit and bank guarantees.

  • Performance Guarantee performance bond. A guarantee that clients will fulfil their contract obligations.

  • Advance Payment Guarantee advance payment bond issued to a contractual obligation alongside advance payment.

Online Money Management Solutions - Software Product

View all account balances and past bank statements in real time

  • View all account balances and past bank statements in real time

  • Send and receive money in 32 currencies all around the world

  • Transfer money internally from 1 account to another

  • Exchange between 32 currencies at one of the most competitive rates in the world

  • Your own secure login username and password

  • Log in from anywhere in the world to your own dashboard or cash management service with 24/7/365 access

  • Full audit trail for each and every transaction

  • Receive email alerts

  • Pay suppliers in their own currency

  • Send and receive payments worldwide without the need to set up your own bank accounts in the countries where you do business. As a single point of access for international payments, this simplifies the process for business and enables you to be open for business in any country